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Department of Romance studies


The Department of Romance studies constitutes a part of the structures of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Szczecin. Its offer includes full time first and second cycle programs of study. The Department employs: 17 persons including: 3 University professors, 7 assistant professors and 7 assistant lecturers. Within the personnel group, there are four foreign staff members employed under full time employment contract. The first cycle program of study is provided within the philological field of study with the specialization of the Romance studies and Italian. The studies are conducted within the system of full time three-year program and the study curriculum includes teaching French, Italian and Latin, as well as a block of subjects within the scope of the literature, language, culture and history of the French and Italian language speaking area. Further, during the second semester students may elect between the teaching and the translation field of specialization. In an advanced language group, students improve their linguistic knowledge gained at a secondary school and study Italian beginning with A1 level, while within the elementary group – students study both French and Italian starting from A1 level. The second cycle program of study is conducted within the specialization of the Romance studies with the continuation of the teaching or translation specialization.

Main research areas:

Ø  notion of speech and word within a philosophical and theological perspective as well as contemporary literary criticism
the classical French drama, the history of the French literature from the 16th to 19th c.

Ø  African French language literature

Ø  comparative French and Italian literature

Ø  didactics of the French and Italian literature – the significance of literary texts in the development of linguistic and cultural competences

Ø  translation studies

Ø  the modern history of French, German and Polish relations

Ø  research on the conceptualization of emotions within the contemporary French language

Ø  verbalization of feelings; emotions within communication


The Department remains in contact with the Universities in Nantes, Nantes, Bordeaux, Milhouse, Paris and Pisa.

The ‘La Gondola’ research circle and the Research Circle of specialists in Romance studies are student groups acting very actively at the Department of Romance studies of the University of Szczecin.










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