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Wydział Filologiczny

The Institute of Polish and Cultural studies


The Institute of Polish and Cultural studies is a part of the Faculty of Philology. It consists of 12 departments and laboratories which employ 54 lecturers (the Department of Literature Theory and Anthropology, the Department of  Old Polish and Enlightenment Literature, the Department of  Polish Literature and Culture of the 19th century, the Department of Polish Literature of the 20th century, the Department of Comparative Literary Studies, the Department of  History of Polish, the Department of Contemporary Polish studies, the Department of Ethnolinguistics and Language Culture, the Department of Media and Communication, the Centre for Polish Studies Education and Cultural Studies, the Centre for Research in Religious Culture and Former Literature and the Department for Cultural Studies). The staff of the Institute consists of prominent scholars, specialists in literary studies, linguistics, comparative literary studies, media studies, history of theatre, history of art, philosophy, bibliology and information science.

The Institute of Polish and Cultural Studies provides studies in: Journalism and social communication (B.A.), Polish Philology (B.A. and M.A.) and Cultural studies (B.A. and M.A.). Students of all studies are offered various specializations and specialties: students of journalism and social communication studies (B.A. studies) can choose one of four proposed specializations: PR, school of coverage, critique and cultural journalism as well as international journalism. Students of Polish Philology (B.A. studies) can choose from three specialties: editorial and publishing, public communication, literary criticism and two specializations: bibliology and teaching. The institute offers the students of Polish Philology (M.A. studies) five specialties: linguistics, literature studies, polish studies for the media, comparative studies, contemporary editorial and one specialisation – teaching. Cultural studies (B.A. studies) offer six specialties to choose from: art and its interpretation, the culture of the Slavs, Mediterranean culture, art management, intercultural relations, bibliology. Cultural studies (M.A. studies) offer five specialties: bibliology, theatrical education, animation and culture promotion, regional culture, media and communication.


There are two student circles within the Institute of Polish Philology and Cultural Studies and those are: The Circle of Young Linguists (supervisor: prof. dr hab. Ewa Kołodziejczyk) and The Circle of Young Literary Scholars (supervisor: prof. dr hab. Andrzej Sulikowski). Also, since 2003 there is an organisation called Wszechnica Polonistyczna which works by the Institute and which is led by dr hab. Piotr Michałowski, prof. US. What is more, the Institute runs a Matura Exam Encyclopaedia led by dr hab. Jerzy Madejski, prof. US. There is also a Phone and Internet Language Guidance Service (by the Department of Ethnolinguistics and Language Culture), Adam Mickiewicz Literary Association (branch in Szczecin), The Association of  Polish Language Enthusiasts (branch in Szczecin) and the Polish Autobiographical Association. The staff of the Institute publish two scientific journals: Linguistic Studies (called Studia Językoznawcze, chief editor: prof. dr hab. Mirosława Białoskorska) and The Comparative Yearbook (called Rocznik Komparatystyczny, chief editor: dr hab. Marta Skwara, prof. US).

The Institute conducts many scientific and popular-scientific activities and this is testified by many a conference, symposia as well as lectures and workshops conducted in cultural and educational institutions in Szczecin and in the whole region.         


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