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Institute of German Philology



The Institute of German Philology offers full-time and extramural undergraduate and postgraduate degree studies, striving to orientate the studies’ programmes towards the needs of employers in the West Pomerania region.

Our graduates have advanced knowledge of the German language: C1 level after the completion of the undergraduate programme, C2 level after the completion of the postgraduate programme; they also reach the B2 level (in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in another foreign language. Moreover, they posses in-depth knowledge about the German language, German history, literature and culture of the German-language area, as well as interdisciplinary skills with which they are equipped to successfully use their language skills and the knowledge about the language in various academic disciplines and areas of social life. The forms of studies and the specialized modules offered to our students enable them to find employment in publishing companies, editorial teams of journals, the mass media, civil service, business companies, schools, tourism and in the service sector where good command of German and the knowledge about the culture of the German-language area is required. Our graduates are often initiators of common Polish-German cultural, academic and economic undertakings.

German Philology students can choose between three different specialized modules:

·          Translation training module – prepares for the job of a translator, also of specialist texts from Polish into German and from German into Polish, as well as (in the course of postgraduate studies) for consecutive interpreting

·          Teacher education module (for full-time students) – prepares to perform the job of a teacher of German in primary and secondary schools (Polish szkoła podstawowa, gimnazjum, liceum)

·          Philological and cultural studies module (for extramural students) – aims at broadening of the knowledge about the language and culture of the German-language area and prepares for postgraduate degree studies or doctoral studies, as well as for employment in various academic and cultural institutions.

The Institute of German Philology shall in the nearest future offer yet another specialized module which is to be orientated towards language education for the needs of economy and business.

We already offer following special courses of studies for those who completed undergraduate or postgraduate degree studies:

·         “Business correspondence in German and Polish” – preparing students to take an exam organized by the International Chamber of Commerce in Neubrandenburg, which is acknowledged in all companies across Germany

·         “Legal Polish-German and German-Polish translation” (5th edition) – providing theoretical knowledge and allowing to improve practical skills of translating legal texts, e.g. to take the state examination allowing to become a sworn translator.

The Institute of German Philology conducts academic research in following fields:

  • Theoretical and practical aspects of Polish-German lexicography and monolingual lexicography. The newest Polish-German dictionaries (including electronic dictionaries)
  • Psycho-, neuro-, socio- and pragmalinguistic aspects of language processing
  • Generative phonology and syntax of Yiddish in comparison with the German language
  • Specialist and literary register in translation. Language phenomena in literary and specialist translation. Research on original texts and their translations into German and English. Contrastive studies
  • Forms and aspects of narration in Austrian, Swiss and German literature of the 19th, 20th and 21st century
  • Figures and motifs of German literature in intercultural relations
  • Intercultural German-Polish and Polish-German dialogue (Cultural borderline areas in poetry and poetic prose).



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