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Institute of Slavonic studies



The Institute of Slavonic studies constitutes a part of the Faculty of Philology. It has four units and employs 17 scientific and didactic staff members (The Unit of the History of Russian and Ukrainian Literature and Comparative Studies; The Unit of Theory and Practice of Foreign Communication and Glottodidactics; The Unit of Slavonic Languages and Cultures; The Unit of Translation and Comparative Linguistics). The Institute employees are experts on literary studies, comparative literary research, linguistics, theory and practice of translation, intercultural communication, psycholinguistics and glottodidactics.

The Institute of Slavonic studies conducts first and second cycle programs of study, within the field of Russian philology, specializing in translation and intercultural communication. Commencing with the 2014/2015 academic year, the Institute’s offer will be enriched with an elective second foreign language (Chinese, Norwegian, German, English, Czech, or Ukrainian). The staff members with post-doctoral degree also provide the possibility of conducting the third-cycle program of study within the scope of linguistics and literary studies.

The Institute of Slavonic studies has an actively functioning Slavic Research Circle which annually organizes Linguistic Workshops, an International Scientific Conference: Świat Słowian w Języku i Kulturze [the Slavs in Language and Culture] as well as many other undertakings popularizing the Slavic culture among students of the University of Szczecin and among Szczecin citizens.

Within the framework of an international cooperation, the Institute of Slavonic studies completes a number of research projects, the results of which are presented during annually held conferences and seminars, with the international research conference: Słowo. Tekst. Czas [Word. Text. Time], the international research seminar: HOMO COMMUNICANS – man within the sphere of intercultural relations, and the International Pragmalinguistic Scientific Conference, among others.


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